Why Am I Here? (Blogging)

Hi! So I’m going to be honest right from the get-go, I had never thought about doing a blog until I saw someone on my Facebook feed was doing it. It immediately caught my attention. Why? Because I am super opinionated, probably more than is good for me; but I mean well. I believe honesty is the best policy and this has gotten me in trouble time and time again, because sometimes honesty is not the best policy, sometimes the best thing to do it put down your pride and say something you don’t believe to be nice. In case you haven’t already noticed bunny trails are my speciality.

So blogging, it’s like vlogging except I don’t have to hear what I sound like on camera, super big bonus. Okay, so I’m going to dive into a large reason I wanted to start this. I have a lot on my chest and not too many people to talk to about it. This is not a pity thing, I prefer to be alone. As an introvert I “recharge” during my alone time and often am exhausted after a long day of conversations. But even still a girl’s gotta vent and talk and get things off her chest and there is only so much a husband is going to want to listen to. Also neat thing about husbands, they’re “fixers”. They want to be able to look at their wife’s problem, break it down and find a solution. That’s awesome, but sometimes a woman just needs to talk. So I’ll talk to you.

So maybe now you’re wondering why I don’t have many close friends, or maybe you’re not; but I’ll tell you just the same. I am horrible at keeping in contact with people. Just awful. It’s not that I don’t like these people in my life, because I do. It’s just having free-time to do what I want when I want is so nice I sometimes forget you need to keep in contact with other people in case you want to plan a trip and would like people to go with. You can’t just text a friend who hasn’t heard from you in half a year and ask if they want to go on a weekend trip with you. Also, something I feel people forget sometimes, myself included; over the course of even half a year, people change. Theirs and your opinions and views on things happening in our culture or society as well as theirs and your interests. So after half a year you and so-and-so may not get along as well as you had thought, thus making your potential weekend trip super awkward. Better to avoid all of that and just stay a homebody waiting for the next episode of Riverdale with your hubby (I don’t like that term but to constantly write husband sounds too grownup).

See, I feel better already. Until next time.

3 thoughts on “Why Am I Here? (Blogging)”

  1. Awesome first blog post!☺ I am the same with keeping in touch with people! Nice to hear it’s not just me!


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