Story Time | Will You Marry Me?

I have a few regrets about how I approached Jake asking me to marry him. I didn’t let him make it a surprise. I don’t like surprises, but I also blame Pinterest. Realistically I didn’t need to have my nails done perfectly, but I was adamant about having pretty nails and my hair and makeup done. Why? I don’t know. Not to mention this likely put him under a lot more pressure than he needed to be.

Jake and I went ring shopping a few times, this was going to be a large purchase and we both thought it was best to have my blessing on the ring if I was going to be wearing it forever. After the third shopping trip, we narrowed it down to three rings, the rest was up to Jake. Purchasing his wedding band was much simpler, we went into the same place where he purchased mine, I don’t think it took him more than 20 minutes and he had one picked out. I remember I narrowed the ring purchase down to an heirloom ring, the one Jake ended up going with, a much larger teardrop shaped set with halos, and another I don’t remember. Jake knew me better than I knew myself because he picked the one I didn’t even know I wanted.

The day he was going to purpose I knew it was going to happen; him making sure I had nothing on my agenda that day gave it away. I joked with him I wasn’t going to say Yes unless he had planned a horse drawn carriage ride. Little did I know he had. But much to both of our disappointment there was terrible weather that day and the gentleman providing the carriage service regrettably had to cancel. We left home for our overnight stay at some mystery location. We drove towards Kingsville and the weather did look like it was going to be bad. Finally, he pulled into the cutest house overseeing the lake. Colchester Harbour Bed and Breakfast. It was a lovely place! And Dennis and Anne were the sweetest of hosts. We got settled in and looked around. There was a little kitchen in the common area and a sitting lounge were Dennis and Anne were kind enough to share their lives with us and bestow some marital wisdom. Our room had a welcoming bed, so nice that I think Jake asked Anne the type of mattress it was, because I need that bed in my future. The bathroom was prepared with chocolate which we would enjoy with wine in the jacuzzi tub.

I stood outside on the balcony watching the lake when I could feel Jake walk up behind me. My heart was racing. I turned around and he was on one knee; I smile every time I think about it. He had the ring box in his hand, and backwards so it took another try before he could open it. I was so overwhelmed; this was real. I remember needing to lean in to hear him, he claims he was screaming; I don’t think so. He told me how much he loved me and asked if I would marry him. I said Yes, and he through shaking hands somehow managed to get the ring on my shaking hand. I hugged him and the tears started welling up.

After we went to Oxley’s winery for dinner, the weather was a little windy but sitting on the outside dining area I don’t think I noticed. We had a few glasses of wine and laughed and talked, it was a beautiful night. Before we left we picked up a few bottles of wine and headed back to the B&B. I showed Anne and Dennis the ring; they were just as excited for us. We went outside and they got a few photos of us, and we talked for the better part of the evening until Jake and I wanted to try the jacuzzi tube.

The next morning, I woke up to sunshine and a smiling fiancé. The moment was perfect. Downstairs I could faintly hear the rest of the house was awake so Jake and I made our way downstairs. Anne was busy in the kitchen making us breakfast, I remember being surprised about this but then I realised it was called a bed and breakfast meaning they would make us breakfast. She was so considerate and thoughtful in her breakfast preparation that she made my breakfast gluten free, apparently, Jake had told her. We had the farmers omelets and some gluten free baked goods for the ride home. Driving back home I shared with everyone that I was now Jacob’s fiancée, it was a beautiful start to the next chapter of our lives.

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