Dear Mom

Dear Mom;

First off, you are amazing and I love when you laugh. Secondly, I’m sorry for the miserable child I was, and sometimes still am. Mom, you are the ultimate superhero who never gets to take off her cape and become Lois Lane for a day. I’m sorry I overlook that. Mom, thank you for taking steps to get healthier. I don’t want to know what my life would look like without you. Thank you for always finding a reason to live.

Thank you for showing me what it means to be supportive; like when you helped with all my school projects growing up, and came to watch my sports games in elementary school; and let me call and cry to you when I was away for college and was homesick. I don’t know if you ever cried because you missed me, I like to think so; so, thank you for not crying on the phone and being strong so I could be strong. I’m sorry I took that time at home with you for granted and instead of spending time getting to know you, like I enjoy doing now I was making your life unnecessarily difficult. Thank you for seeing the bigger picture, that I needed your guidance and never kicking me out of the house, because we both know you had every reason and right to.

Thank you for sharing the recipes with me now, that I didn’t care to learn while I was home. Mom, you provided a friendly, clean and welcoming home for me and the other kids to grow up in. You have always been a wonderful housekeeper and I am proud of you, and very aware now of the time it takes to maintain a home.

Mom, thank you for sharing your stories with me, and letting me look into your life. Thank you for raising me to be hard working, but not too proud that I can’t ask for help. I’m sorry for all the fuss I made while you were teaching me how to budget; it’s a very handy skill to have now, like prioritising and putting things into perspective.

Mom, I hope you never doubt yourself, because you are a goddess. You’ve shown me what it means to be a loving and respectful wife and a caring mother. Thank you for loving me and never giving up on me.

With so much love,


Your Eldest Daughter

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