Country Music

Why I had to stop listening to Country music. Now don’t get me wrong, Country music is beautiful, between the heart break and the blonde hair it’s really something special. But realistically, I didn’t paint on my jeans and no, my mom didn’t teach me how to shake it for you. That’s gross.

I grew up listening to Country music, my parents felt it was the cleanest kind of music; and when you’re listening to Dolly Parton and Kenny Rogers it is, so it’s not that they were wrong. The lyrics and artists have really just changed a lot in the past few years. I even liked country music for a long time. I wanted to be that girl Luke Bryan sang about in his songs. I wanted to be that goddess with long blonde hair that waved like a dry wheat field, a girl with blue eyes that would melt your heart and long tan legs that could turn everyone’s head while they were sitting on a tailgate drinking and watching my tiny body dance by a campfire. But I was never going to be her, not with my thick thighs and manageable length brown hair.

I cut country music almost cold turkey, a clean break. With the exception of 80 Mercedes I don’t listen to Country music, I even removed all the Country presets from my car radio. Oh, there’s another problem. I don’t own my daddy’s old truck, because let’s be real I can’t afford the gas and it has well over 280,000km on it.

It’s a well-known fact, people who listen to Country music have higher rates of depression. I believe this. I struggle with depression and when Whiskey Lullaby comes on, or almost any song by Chris Young and the one by Rascal Flatts it really bums out my day.

I’ve been trying to learn to love myself more. My appearance and myself really as a whole. When I’m hearing, and seeing this ideal Country standard of beauty it doesn’t take long for that to start wearing on a young lady, and I’ve dealt with enough “heart break”, I don’t care to know every detail of yours Mr. Song Writer.

I truly do find the genre to be beautiful most of the time. And what’s a hoedown or rodeo without Country music, right? Country music has a time and a place, on my iTunes playlist just isn’t it for me.

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