I’m a TEN

OMG Eva, conceited much?

Who told you, you were a 10

WOW *dramatic eye roll*

Well, shut up. If you have an opinion please write or own blog… or read on…

I don’t mean 10/10. What are we? 16-year-old boys rating girl’s butts. No. I mean my pants are a size ten. I remember in ninth grade I told a girl I knew I had size ten pants. I wasn’t a size ten then, the pants were definitely too big, but they were comfortable and didn’t dig into my waist. Eww, I always get my pants a size smaller so they’re tight.

I’m 21 now, when I was 19 I was a size seven. I’m only two years older, so realistically I shouldn’t have gone up three pants sizes, it’s not like I’m having growth spurts. I didn’t have a baby, so I don’t have any baby weight. No, it’s not that. I just got healthy. I’m 5’8” and I naturally have a more rounded out body. It’s not in my genetics to be thin. My sister is thin, and beautiful just the same. If I wanted to look like her I would have to live off water and cantaloupe, or ramen noodles. It’s very unrealistic.

I started having an eating disorder later in my elementary school years. Still not sure where I got the idea that I had to be sexy when I was 12-years-old, but sexy meant skinny; thank you Victoria Secret and Photoshop. Throughout high school my weight fluctuated, but when I left for college I was a size seven. Eva, you should wear tighter and shorter shorts, and get a tan; I don’t know who asked for your opinion random guy who knows nothing more about me than my first name.

I constantly tried to get my weight under 140lbs. Now I’m between 159-166lbs. I was not healthy. Also, I never want to hear the term “summer body” what does that even mean? You work out so you can show off your thigh gap for three months of the year? Maybe we should be body positive and go with “healthy body”. Work out if you want to, to become a better YOU; don’t do it so you can post a beach selfie on Instagram hoping for hundreds of likes, you’re worth more than your Instagram likes.

I was shocked when I started eating three meals a day and I saw my weight climbing up. At this point in my life I am over the shock. I have thrown out all my “goal jeans” because I don’t want to be a size seven. I want to be a healthy size ten. But Eva, you can lose weight and still be healthy and your pants sizes can go down. But who cares; if I don’t want to. That’s my business. As it should be for each young person, their own business. So long as you’re healthy your pants size doesn’t mean a thing.

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