Unapologetic Wedding Budget

Wedding on a Budget. So when reading further you may realise I’m a bit unapologetic. These are just my opinions! If you are spending money on any of the few things I think are not necessary, by all means go ahead and don’t think about what you’ve read here ever again. To each their own. It’s your special day.

When my now husband and I were planning our wedding, we knew we were NOT going to go into debt for one day. We knew our financial situation and we planned to make our day special with the resources we had.

After consulting with many ladies who are now married, one regret rang through again and again. We should have done more research into a photographer. This makes sense because after your one day of being a princess is over, you won’t remember a lot of the finer details. Having beautiful photos that you’re proud of gives you something to look back on and refreshes those little details you may have missed. We were willing to spend a pretty dollar for a good photographer, which we did find and she did a wonderful job!

Things that won’t matter after your wedding day or even on your wedding day really (sorry).

  1. The food that was served.
  2. Whether your food was served or buffet style.
  3. Wedding favors.
  4. Ceiling Décor.
  5. Wedding programs
  6. Cute customized napkins and other things you won’t be able to sell or use again.
  7. Bride’s shoes (especially in the winter)
  8. Real flowers
  9. Head Table
  10. Assigned Seating

Now I’ll tell you why…

  1. Most people will complain about the five-course meal because it will take the entire night to eat. If you’re feeding over 200 people you’ve just spent a one third of an annual income on food, no thank you. We invited close friends and family and had hors d-oeuvres and wine. I don’t think we spent more than $1500 on all the food and wine for everyone in attendance (110 people).
  2. No one cares. That’s the simple truth. Save yourself the money and let people go up and get their own food, now you don’t have to pay a serving fee. Jake and I had the hors d-oeuvres (fruit, vegetables, meats and cheeses) on tables in two corners of the room and a large dessert table displaying goodies our family and friends helped make and a cupcake tower topped with a small two layer cake (the cupcake tower and cake were done by a professional). Everyone was up and talking gathering at the food tables or taking some desserts back to an unassigned seat. (This point includes numbers 9 and 10 from the above list). We didn’t have a head table so myself and Jake were able to go around and talk and socialize with the people we had invited. It was a much more personal experience. And without the assigned seating everyone else was able to get up and do the same.
  3. No one keeps them. If wedding favors are kept by your guests they are most likely in a storage box.
  4. Ceiling décor? Really? Is the ceiling in your venue that ugly? Reasons why not to have ceiling décor: Your guests and you will see it once when you walk in to the room and never again because you don’t naturally look at the ceiling when your socializing and celebrating a wedding. It will not be in your photos even so really, what’s the point?
  5. Waste of money. If you want to throw $500 in the garbage at the end of the night can you just drop it in my mailbox instead?
  6. See note above ^^^^
  7. I wore my shoes for one photo. The photo of me putting them on. I went barefoot during the actual ceremony. (My dress was long enough to cover my feet, so, why wouldn’t I? Plus, the cool stone floor really helped to clear my head.) Fancy shoes are most the of the time uncomfortable, plus you don’t want to get your expensive shoes dirty going out for photos so you don’t. I wore snow boots or sneakers under my dress outside. During the reception, I wore my house slippers because they were more comfortable and no one was going to see them.
  8. How long do real flowers last? Three weeks maybe? That’s sad. They’re beautiful, but good bye $250 wedding bouquet? Not really worth it. I have my fake flowers on display with my wedding veil draped over top. It’s better than in someone else’s garbage.

With all these points being said. Please do what you’d like with your wedding, it’s your special day. Whether you spend $3,000 or $11,000 or $50,000. This is just where is did save money, or wish I had.

**Also splurge on the honeymoon! It’s really the most fun part of getting hitched anyway!

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