Story Time | Communication Part 1

Child-Parent Communication – the ultimate rocket science. It can’t be that hard, it’s not rocket science.

(I didn’t’ really know where I wanted to go with this blog as I don’t have children of my own. But I am my mother’s daughter so I wrote this with that in mind. This will be an opinion / Storytime blog.)

There comes a time in every child’s life when they no longer feel as though they are a child, and rather just as intellectual as the parent(s). Readers you may be the child or you may be the parent, regardless I hope you are able to take something from my thoughts, opinions and stories.

I’m 21 now and still find myself slipping into juvenile arguments with my mom; but I have long learned that mom knows best, and yes; mom is always right. *Que Mother Gothel*

The first time I can distinctly remember thinking, “wow, mom was right” Was after she took me out to buy training bras. I was fifth grade maybe and we stood in the whitely lit Wal-Mart aisle deciding which ones to purchase, this was a big deal you see. I was becoming a woman and I wanted my training bras to reflect that. Against my mother’s suggestion I picked two simple white training bras that had little pink flowers sewn in. These were going to be my favorite. My mom suggested a different bra, something more like a sports bra, it was plain white and had a little padding all throughout the front. I thought it was ugly. A few weeks into my womanhood I realized she was right. The little pink flowers I thought were cute kept creating bumps on the front of my t-shirts whereas the bra my mom picked out didn’t; and not only that, the padding helped hide perky nipples. Oh puberty.

A big thing about learning to talk with parents is realizing they are not trying to sabotage your life, and when they say they have been there, or experienced something similar; they probably have. They were probably bullied once, had their heart broken, or lost their best friend. Sorry honey, the world is bigger than you. Also; R-E-S-P-E-C-T. These people are paying for all your clutter, and dealing with your mood swings and uneducated behavior. Your mommy may say your special, and to her I’m sure you are; but you’re a small fish in a vastly large ocean, know your place. One day you’re going to have to deal with your issues as an adult.

Parents… be the parent your child needs. You cannot expect your child to be a cookie cutter perfect kid so it’s convenient for you to raise them. Learn about their interests, show that you care about them, ask them questions about their day, do activities with them that they want to do. You cannot be absent from your child’s life and expect them to respond well to your parenting. Also, R-E-S-P-E-C-T, you’re raising people who will hopefully one day be level-headed, functioning adults, treat them with that in mind. Even still, at the end of the day, you are their parents, which means you cannot always be their friend. You have to make the tough choices and you will have to be the bad guy from time to time.

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