My Bad Habits

Shall we list them?

  1. Gossiping – I think most women are gossipy, stereotypes come from a place of truth. I like to justify my “gossiping” this way… I like to keep up with people. I like knowing what is going on in the lives of people I care about, so sometimes I will talk about the people I care about, with other people I care about. Maybe I’m not gossiping, maybe I’m really just looking out for people who have a special spot in my heart.
  2. Assuming the Worst – This is not easy to overcome. I was listening to a sermon by Andy Stanley and he explained there will always be a gap between expectation and reality. There will always be a gap between what you expect of your husband/wife and what he/she actually does. I have to remember when someone I care about doesn’t react or do the things I expect of them, they likely have a good reason for their actions, or lack thereof. Instead of assuming the worst in this person I should work on believing in the best in this person.
  3. Cracking My Fingers – some people say this causes large knuckles and arthritis but I was told once the cracking sound is air bubbles being released from your joints. I don’t have any issues with my fingers right now, but I’m also only in my 20s right now. Maybe in 25 years I’ll have terrible fingers and I’ll look back on how ignorant I was in my 20s and how I didn’t listen to people’s warnings; and then I too will try to warn my children.
  4. Laziness – Super big problem. I don’t like to do housework. I don’t like to do a lot of things. I don’t care to learn new hobbies; I always enjoy myself when I do though. It’s like going to the gym, it’s a struggle getting there, but once you’re there, it’s totally worth it. Cleaning my house, once it’s done it feels so nice having a clean house to come home to. Starting a new past-time, it’s great getting to know new people and connecting with others in your community… It’s just a matter of getting there.
  5. Road Rage – I don’t know how bad this is really. I’m sure Jake would testify my road rage is a little scary, I don’t think so. Jake doesn’t let me drive just the same. He says it’s because he enjoys driving; but let’s be real, no one enjoys driving. One time on my way into town from work I was cut off three times. THREE TIMES. I didn’t honk once…. But there was that one time in that parking lot in Windsor…. I guess I can see why Jake doesn’t like me driving.
  6. Swearing – I am a huge potty mouth. I catch myself mid speech sometimes and change my vocabulary, but the more I do that the more I realise how terrible I’ve become. I did once clean my vocabulary up entirely, no foul language I was even I nice person; then like a jenga tower, it all came tumbling down.
  7. Sarcasm – this is a way of life for some people, but it’s actually very destructive and unhelpful when you’re trying to communicate. It’s gotten to the point where Jake doesn’t know whether to believe a lot of what I say, or maybe I’m a sarcastic liar. That’s it, I’m a liar, not about anything serious and Jake knows this. I’ve called wolf one too many times about losing our car keys and it came back to bite me in the butt the one time I did actually misplace them and Jake had a hard time believing me.


This is my list of unfortunate character traits to work on to become a better version of myself. Feel free to hold me accountable. If you see me in public and I saying something vulgar, tap me on the shoulder and remind me of this blog.

Wish me luck!

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