Relationship Goals

I used to think R.G. was having matching iPhones and iPhone cases that said something like His and Hers. The media made it sound like R.G. was wearing coordinated outfits on outings together and that he would order a large fry because he knew that even though you said you didn’t want fries you would end up taking from his. These are cute little milestones to reach, but they are not by any means R.G.

R.G. is lying in bed after a long day, not sure where the money is going to come from to make this new house thing work out, and still look into each other’s eyes and saying, “We’ll get through this.” R.G. is respecting your mate. It’s not about, he better stick with me through me 13 personalities and 40 mood swings because I have a vagina and he’ll never do better than me (facetious maybe, but that’s actually so many memes you see about how women expect to be treated). R.G. is him holding you after you tell him you’re going to cry for a bit because you’ve had a long day, and feeling comfortable and secure enough with your mate to be able to do that. R.G. is more than going to the gym together and posting cute IG pics of you two tanned at the beach. (Are you wondering what sort of social media pages I follow? Me too, maybe time to clean up my IG)

R.G. is making the other person the priority. R.G. is realising in this relationship; I’m not here to win and this is not about getting what I need out of this other person, it’s about giving what you have, to this other person. R.G. is selflessness. R.G. is not about what you feel, it’s about making the choice to love this person, regardless of her mood or what she said. R.G. is knowing your wife (girlfriend, fiancée) well enough that when she says “nothing” you know it means 100 other things, but it never means nothing. R.G. is putting your phone away before bed so you and your mate have one-on-one time. R.G. is not getting defensive when your mate wants to snoop your phone. (Jake and I even know each other’s phone passwords *gasp*)

R.G. is talking about ways to improve your sex life and having serious talks about things you enjoy sexually so you can fulfill one another. Ooh controversial …. Fulfilling sex is R.G.

I asked Jake what he thought R.G. were … this is what he said, “I think R.G. is laughing through the good and bad, and finding joy in one another. Knowing there is always someone in your corner ready and willing to pursue and love you no matter the cost.
“R.G. is a deep relational love that goes beyond what comes easy. It’s finding the person who your soul is excited to be a part of and always putting them ahead of yourself, consequences be damned.”

R.G. is fighting clean. It means he doesn’t tower over his wife and talk in a deeper voice to overpower her, it means she doesn’t pull up things in the past that were already forgiven or play the role of self-pity. R.G. is realizing couples fight and it’s normal because you and your mate are two separate people with individual ideas; but still respect each other.

Relationship Goals is respecting him. Relationship Goals is loving her.

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