Dear Kiddies

Dear Kiddies;

I am so proud of each of you, and you have each left me in awe at the young adults you’ve become. Thank you for always being excited to see Jake and I when we come over to visit; it means a lot to me especially that you’d still want your big sister to come over. Thank you all for helping Jacob and I with the home renos we finally finished, I hope you’re equally as proud to have played a part in the next chapter of mine and Jake’s lives. We will do the same for each of you when you decide to leave the nest (whenever that will be).

Miss Neta (Teddy) – You are stronger than you think. You can have heated and debated conversations with me and very much hold your own, that’s impressive. I’m glad you and I have found a way to talk about issues we take different sides on and still be able to respect the others person’s opinion as well as share our own in confidence that we too will be heard and respected. Your ability to write and public speak, to share your thoughts and emotions is inspiring. Your testimony left many people in tears; you have a powerful gift, use it. I am completely supportive of your idea to go to Bible College and continue to shape the gift God gave you. Your dedication to your cats is unparalleled, I hope to one-day love something the way you love your cats. I find myself storing away weird things like “nice paper” in hopes that I remember to give it to you, this is how strongly your love for the arts has bled into my life. Thank you for continuing to dabble in all forms of art and continue to make this world a more beautiful place.

Mr. Abe (Awbei-Wan Kenawbi) – You are my fitness inspiration. I know there is more to you than your chiseled abs and lack of body fat, but I aspire to have the motivation you do to keep my temple as strong as you do yours. It breaks my heart that you are going through your high school career feeling like you don’t have any friends, I know that feeling and it sucks. I can promise you, college changes that. I hope you can pursue a post-secondary education and meet likeminded people. Your dedication to being a respectable person is matchless as a young person who wants to fit it and isn’t trying to do so with weekends of partying and drinking is uncommon and you should be proud of the choices you’re making; they will pay off. Thank you for expressing your love for anime on IG, I love reading your thoughts and I’m glad you’re able to have an outlet to express your passions. Thank you for always smiling when you come to my desk at work, it lifts my day, also your dedication to making a better life for yourself is so encouraging, you’re strong, brave and responsible is many ways beyond your years. Also, your ability to self-teach songs on piano; I love hearing you play, you are uniquely gifted.

Miss Brenda (Fiona) – the strong but silent type? I think so, at least at home. I know you blossom when you’re with your friends though, it is beautiful to see. Your dedication to your friends is heartwarming and I love that you have a group of people that you can be yourself with. I also really enjoy when you and I can go on little dates just us. Also, when you play your music, on the drives to wherever we go. I feel like that’s when we bond the best, which is why I like doing trips with you. Thank you for the paintings you do for me, you have a beautiful eye for painting, which is a difficult art for to master. Thank you for blessing the world with your talent and making the lives of the people you touch a little brighter. I love your dedication to pet sitting and how passionate and thorough you are with taking on that job. I hope you are able to pursue a life style of caring for animals and playing the violin. I know you will continue to impress and surprise yourself and others with your skills in the musical and visual arts, you are blessed.

Much love always,

Mrs. Eva (insert one of many nicknames)

2 thoughts on “Dear Kiddies”

  1. This was the greatest thing I could ever read. Thank you so much, I don’t even know what to say to show you how much I appreciated this. I too hope that you will one day find what would be to you what cats are to me 😛 All of us love you so much, of coarse we’re excited whenever you come over! 🙂 ❤ Thank you Eva.

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