Small Things

It’s the Small things

Following is a list of small things Jake and I do to nourish our relationship and ourselves…

  1. I make the bed in the morning, I never thought it was important to make your bed in the morning, we’ve all heard the age long excuse, “What’s the point if I’m just going to sleep in it again?” I thought this way myself, here’s what changed. I began to take pride on the new bedding and furniture we had in our bedroom. I appreciate that Jake let me pick it out and I show that by taking care of it. Secondly the video that was floating around Facebook for a bit
    University of Texas at Austin 2014 Commencement Address – Admiral William H. McRaven
  2. No Phones in the Bed Room, I didn’t come up with this idea myself; I got the idea from Jefferson Bethke. See below for other ideas from Bethke. Jake and I have talked about these and will slowly be integrating them into our lives.
  3. Take time to Learn about the other person’s interests, for us this means sometimes Jake comes into Sephora with me, and this means I take time to learn Poker and the rules of baseball. It’s small things but Jake letting me use his arm to swatch colours after my arms are full means a lot to me, and me tagging along to Jake’s baseball games meant a lot to him.
  4. Partake in the same activities, for us this means Jake and I both purchased the same love It goes through questions like: If your relationship was a movie title, what would it be? And what did you notice first about your significant other? We got these books shortly after we got engaged but still haven’t finished them, instead we started on this devotional instead. We’re both very excited about it.
    Doing activates together for us means we both make dinner and do the dishes. We both take part in all the chores so we can each enjoy relaxing after. (the books above have been exciting and some days challenging to go through but I have been recommending them to everyone I talk to!)
  1. Communicate – this was Jake’s idea (I often ask for his input in blogs about our relationship). Talking about the little things has made a noticeable difference in the health of our relationship. Here’s an example, I prefer showering first because I like to step on a dry floor after I shower. Jake doesn’t really care in which order we shower. I thought it was silly so I didn’t bring it up for a while, but it really started to bother me. I brought the issue up with Jake and he has been happy to let me shower first ever since.

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