Tattoos (Yikes)

First off, I would like to say whether you have a tattoo or not, it doesn’t matter to me. It’s not my place to tell you what you should personally feel convicted about, I am also not here to tell you, you have commitment issues if you don’t have a tattoo. I am only stating my experience and my thoughts on the topic.

To set the stage I will say I have a tattoo. It’s small, right inside my hip bone on my right side. It reads Forgive Yourself (two heart pulses) in cursive. I regret it. I would like to have it removed. I will be looking into having it removed actually. But I would probably get another one if Jake did. Jake has two right now. A lion head on his left shoulder and Walk in Love on his foot (I’m not sure which foot.) Jake wants to get more too, actually he wants to extend the tattoo on his shoulder into a half sleeve (I think).

People often ask what’s the reason for the tattoo and often times there is a reason, but just as often there isn’t and that’s fine. Maybe I want a pineapple tattoo because I like how they look, no deep reason, just because I like them. I regret my tattoo because the reason behind it. As much as you should forgive yourself (some people disagree with this, I may get into that another time) the issue lies in, I thought I had to forgive myself for something that was never really my fault. If you’ve kept up with my blogs you’ll know about the issue with X; and long story short, I thought that whole ordeal was my fault and needed to forgive myself for being raped. Also, if you’ve kept up with my blogs you’ll know I no longer believe that to be true, and in fact know it was not my fault. How terrible that this one man’s actions have bled into so many other parts of my life. Gross.

Anyway, I still don’t believe tattoos to be wrong. But Eva, the Bible says… …. says what? Can you even tell me the where that verse is? Can you tell me what the entire paragraph says? Can you tell me the other commands? Can you tell me why you only live by this command from all that were listed? I believe there was a time and place for that verse to be applied. Whether or not you want to apply it to your life 2000 years later is up to you, just like with any of the commands of the Old Testament. Rabbit Trail: Jesus came to fulfill the laws of the Prophets. Also, if you read; what is the greatest of the laws we are supposed to live by? LOVE …. L-O-V-E. Love our God and secondly … LOVE again, love your neighbour, and not just the ones that are straight (heterosexual) and white and not tattooed and have never died their hair.

So, if Tim, Jim, Bobby and Sue all got matching tattoos on their fingers reading Loved because they want that constant reminder that they are loved by our Lord, is that really that terrible? I don’t think it’s terrible at all. Personally, I’d like to get a matching tattoo to Jake’s lion, why? Because I love my husband, also, lions like to sleep and I get relate with that on a soul level. I’d also like to get a small green ever green tree on my wrist as a constant reminder to keep good thoughts.

I am so happy the taboo on tattoos is dissolving. So here is another argument, it’s a waste of money. But there is a very simply solution to that. If I thought it was a waste of money I wouldn’t do it, just like I don’t purchase Iron Man merchandise for myself. That would not in any way encourage me, or be a testimony to my life, or be a way I could bring praise to God or in any way be a fulfillment to my life. To me there would be no point in it. But there is someone out there who does by Iron Man merchandise and hangs it all over their walls and it’s stuffed into their drawers and all over their clothes because they love Iron Man and that makes them happy. They love his story and can relate to his life on a personal level and find deep comfort in being adorned by the merch. So, let them! Point of the story is mind your own business and do what you feel conformable with and what you love and what is meaningful to you. (I’m sure we’ve all seen that meme about Karen and all the plates in her china cabinet she’s never going to use, that’s a relatable meme. [We should also though, respect Karen and be the bigger person and not poke fun at her dishes in the china cabinet, those might have been a gift to her from a relative.])

Rabbit Trail: If someone steps on your toes, you do not need to retaliate. It’s a popular opinion that is less popularly put into action. If Karen is giving you a hard time about your tattoo then smile and turn away… You don’t have to say anything. {If your name is Karen or you know someone named Karen, know this is not directly reflected of anyone named Karen, the name was just used as an example and in no way, reflects what I think of anyone named Karen or the name Karen.} Golly it’s difficult keeping everyone happy.

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