Working With Your Spouse

Working with Jake was never really an issue for either of us. In fact, I love it. We get to eat lunch together, and I get to see him throughout the day. We also leave each other cute notes on one another’s desks. It’s really not a bad gig. When the weather is nice we go for walks on break and we obviously have a lot of the same work friends.

But it isn’t always great. Not because our jobs overlap in a way that we would be getting frustrated with one another, we’re really blessed about that. It’s other things though…. For example; when he’s having a bad day, because something job related, or just woke up in a bad mood I always find myself thinking, “but I’m here so why is that not making you happy?”. It’s all a little silly, and I need to understand sometimes you are simply having a bad day and no number of cheesy smiles when you’re walking up the stairs after a coffee break can fix that.

The worst when Jake first started working here was this… “Oh? Just wait you two will get annoyed of one another, I couldn’t imagine working with my husband/wife.” We were dating at the time and that was not in the least bit encouraging. I understand that every couple needs space, but I think we still have that. It’s like when you get married and people tell you the leading cause of divorce is marriage, and if you can make it past the first five years you’re in the clear. For real. Take your pessimistic relationship advice and fly a kite.

Another more difficult part of working together is, it is increasingly difficult to leave work at work and not take it home with you. We decided for an hour after we get home, so up until about when supper is ready, we can talk about work; after that no more. Sometimes it feels like there is nothing more to our lives than our jobs. And that’s a sad place to be in.

The other week I spent two days in training in Windsor. I could immediately feel the difference it made on my mood those two days. I didn’t like it, I could feel how much it affects my day knowing I won’t be able to see Jake at break. I remember thinking, this how people in normal relationships feel. (Normal being couples who don’t work together).

Jake starts work two hours earlier than I do, so we go into work separate and then leave individually. This is really nice because we never know if we’ll have to work late or not, and then no one is waiting for the other person. Also, it means I have sleep in two hours longer. Yes please!

I think working with your spouse if far more underrate than it maybe should be, and I’m glad Jake and I work together.

Cover Photo Credit: SWolfe-Photography

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