Evolution of my Selfie Game

Selfies were a thing before cell phones were, we used our cameras and took about 300 photos; then looked through them after for the ones that were suitable to edit with some cheap online editor and low and behold they were posted. Because we didn’t have a front facing camera, getting the best shot was often time consuming; remembering the way you pouted your lips to the side and having the camera at the perfect upward angle so your eyes looked like the only part of your face was a feat if ever there was one. For real. This was a thing. When the perfect photo was finally found we left our fluorescently lite bathroom and sat in front of a laptop to edit.

Step 1 to editing, blow out the brightness… no for real, remove every shadow and really make the photo so bright that you can’t even see your nose anymore. Just the eyes. And because your eyes were so darkly lined with black liner they would still be visible. Add a funky filter, because funky is what we’re going for and for some reason funky and over the top meant confidence. Trick: Because you were pulling your lips to one side it gave the illusion of a defined jaw line on the other side. That was cool.

I would like to say once front facing cameras become popular the over-the-head angle went away but it didn’t. People were still holding their phones far above their head and looking up through their lashes at the camera. Looking back now, once a photo like this was posted anyone who viewed it was, by extension looking down on the subject of the photo – hence why you can see now my selfie angle has changed dramatically.

The app industry boomed with apps that provided more filters and editing tools for our precious selfies. We as a race evolved to find the best angle and lighting to make our selfies pop! And then came the world of make up and contour.

Oh mamma my life was changed when I got my first contour pallet. Kat Von D Contour Palette. YES GIRL! This was my whole world. After over three years now I am still trying to perfect my contour and it along with me is still evolving.

My current Must Haves for taking a post-able selfie are as followed ….

  1. Good Lighting – You want a bright (without over editing) and crisp photo; a huge window in the house or sunset lighting outside are so welcomed.
  2. Swarovski earrings – This is obviously personal preferences, I like how these sparkle though.
  3. Make-Up – As little or lot as you like, you want to be confident in front of your camera so colour or not colour your face accordingly.
  4. Mindfulness – By this I mean be mindful of what’s in the background of your photo. Accidently catching your dog shitting on the lawn is maybe humorous (until you have to go clean it up); but likely not the serious and mysterious look you’re going for.
  5. CONFIDENCE – Lastly and certainly not least is confidence, you are beautiful whether your selfie game is still in the making or you’re a selfie goddess – No matter, you’re still a QUEEN and so long as you slay in life and you’re a friendly and compassionate person; that’s what really counts at the end of the day. The number of likes on an IG selfie doesn’t reflect your worth in any way.

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