Why I Quit Modeling

I always wanted to model. It was my dream; growing up with Barbie dolls, I wanted to look like that and be photographed just as pretty and perfect. Through a friend I met online I got in contact with a very friendly and professional agency located in London. I went to a casting call and was casted right away for a gig. I was so excited and had absolutely no idea what to expect. Once the gig was done and I had a new look I was incredibly proud of myself and my new pixie cut. I knew this is what I wanted to do. Plus, the extra pocket cash was really nice considering London was almost a 2-hour drive and I was paying all my own bills and fuel myself. What really kicked started the modeling idea was winning “Miss Photogenic” at the Leamington Tomato Festival in 2013 (I think). That was the confidence boost I needed.

After doing the gig in London I got involved in a few other projects, my favorite being the London Bridal Show. I did the show two times, and then my schedule got a little too crazy and I couldn’t make them anymore. I made a lot of friends at the show and they became like a second family in a way.

While I was away for college I met up with a photographer there who happened upon me and wanted to use me in his portfolio. I was beyond flattered. We did the photos outside late fall; I remember I was freezing and after the shoot was done I was on cloud nine. I got home, cleaned my face and crawled into my warm bed and thought about all the other ideas I had for my next photoshoot Unfortunately my photoshoots with this photographer were cut off short when he offered to pay me for sex. I didn’t take him up on his offer, instead I left and never saw the man again. I made the other ladies he was interested in photographing aware of his inexcusable behavior. The last I heard he left to go back to his home country.

I did another gig while I was in college, similar to the first I did in London, this was a bad experience too. I understand that as a model you sometimes require hair cuts and colours that are not really something you would wear out and that was the case in this experience. I had to bleach my hair and have it cut shorter than a pixie cut and my fringe really short as well. The look was really nice; just not on me. Also, it required multiple times of bleaching and adding colour. I remember the night after prep, having had my hair bleached three times and then coloured I went to the hotel with blisters all over my scalp. When I went in the next day for the show the stylists decided to bleach my hair again because the colour wasn’t what they wanted (which again I understand they had a look to create). I had puss and blisters on my head for months. I ended up shaving my head because I couldn’t deal with the colours and cut and I couldn’t brush my hair because the blisters. It was terrible.

When I got home from college I was able to find a local photographer who was really talented (still is). We did a few photo sessions, it was awesome to have a photographer I could trust and I have a creative outlet again. He is great and I recommended him to a few friends whom he also photographed and the photos turned out great. Like anything though, if you don’t commit you begin to lose the talent. Once Jake and I started planning our wedding and trying to find a house my life got so packed I didn’t have time to book photo sessions anymore. I don’t know if I could get in front of a camera again and feel comfortable in my body. I guess that’s how if goes with any hobby you let go, you start to lose that confidence if you’re not always working on getting better.

I am happy I had the experiences I did with my short-lived modeling career. I was able to invest myself into a hobby I was really passionate about. Like this blogging idea. The feed back has always been positive and constructive; I am excited to see what I’ll be doing in the next few years.


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