Life Update

It’s been a long while since I’ve posted. Largely because the holidays were a bit crazy as I’m sure most people can relate to. With family gatherings and some time off work it’s hard to organize what day is which and fit everything into a loaded schedule. I left off with why I quit modeling; a story time blog about me and my experiences. I think I’ll start this back up in a similar way with a life update blog; about me and my experiences.

I’ve taken sometime to address my mental health and have decided to utilize the punching bag I got for Christmas as a good outlet for anxiety. I would recommend this. I know getting my heart rate up and blood pumping is a great way to reduce stress. I pop on my headphones and start releasing all my boxed-up emotions; it may sound like I’m a mess, and I am; but this is my way to handling it.

Ooh large new part of my life. I started playing Kim Kardashian Hollywood. It’s a phone game I’m addicted to. No shame. I’m allowed to have a hobby or an addiction; which ever one you want to call it. So, this is how it starts; you create your avatar and give yourself a name. I named myself Charlie Peach. I hate it. There is a point where you can change your name but you risk losing your fans until you pay 30 K-stars which are not easy to come by. So here I am, Charlie Peach. In the game you have to complete tasks to earn money and fans, you go on dates (preferably just with one person) and as your relationship grows with that one person you get engaged and then married and that’s where I’m at as of right now. There are a few rivals in the game you run into, but the Kardashian gang is always ready to help out. All together it’s my go-to past time, even though sometimes the task you’re on is 6 or 8 hours long in which case your energies don’t get you really far. Oh! Energies, the bread and butter of moving forward in your game life. Energies help you to complete tasks for which you gain fans and a pay cheque. Really you should just download the game and play. Also, if you’re a Facebook friend of mine we can invite each other to help on tasks like photo shoots and runway appearances.

Next, and this may be a bit TMI but I stopped birth control. I have a blog about why I initially did, so stay tuned, it may not seem important but it was a crazy situation so I wrote about it. Anyway, about the stopped birth control; Jake and I have decided we want to start our little family! It’s so exciting, and even more scary. I’ve (We’ve) been going over room colours and which crib and dresser we want; all the fun stuff that comes with prepping to bring a life into this world. I’ve started watching a YouTube channel dedicated to informing on everything baby. Emily Norris; see link below
There is a lot to take in, but it’s a learning curve is what I’m told, and every baby and mother is different. Even still I can’t wait for my Pinterest board to start taking shape. Jake and I have our baby names picked out; I’m glad that’s out of the way. We’ve also decided not to find out the gender. I didn’t understand it at first; why people decide to keep the gender a secret, even from themselves. My reason is simple, if I don’t know I can’t answer when people ask and I want it to be a surprise because I’m a dramatic person.

This is not really about my life (but in a way, it is); Jake is planning the steps to open his own Cross-Fit gym. I am being supportive because I can see how much he wants this. A Cross-Fit gym in our little hometown would be welcomed. From what he’s told me it will be a process, but good things take time. I am excited to watch him develop in the next year as we prepare to embark on this journey together (mostly he will be doing the journeying, I will be there for moral support).

Really my life hasn’t changed too terribly much in the new year. Jake and I made a few New Year’s Resolutions but our goals have yet to come to pass. Even still; we’re off to a great start.

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